Wear-Dated Carpet Fiber

    Working from the foundation up, the core strength of Wear-Dated® carpet fiber is its patented mixed denier, mixed cross-section trilobal fiber design that offers the following key benefits:


    • Creates a natural luster that emulates wool
    • Increases bulk and cover
    • Provides a smooth hand
    • Improves soil and stain resistance
    • Enjoys crisp, clean color variation
    • Ensures color fastness
    • Offers enhanced pile height retention
    • Resists crushing, matting and abrasive wear


    Many of the advantages provided by this proprietary fiber design directly contribute to Wear-Dated’s legendary reputation for durability. In fact, 6 of 10 consumers recognize the Wear-Dated® brand and associate it with durability. Consumers value durability more than any other carpet attribute and they recognize that products made with Wear-Dated® carpet fiber will stand up to the demands of a busy home. These unique durability attributes position Wear-Dated® as the only fiber manufacturer to offer a nonprorated warranty that generally covers 100% of the cost to repair or replace the carpet.*

    • Full Five Year Normal Wear/Texture Retention Warranty
    • Full Seven Year Stain and Soil Resistance Warranty
    • Full Lifetime Anti-Static Warranty
    • Limited Ten Year Abrasive Wear Warranty Programs


    *See warranty for details

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